Omg!! Nervous as hell about an English Challenge today, and need a score of 67% or higher to get into lpn. Wish me luck my fair followers

Moved, and have not unpacked. Made dinner the other night, and it had cheese. He manged to eat it without complaining that there was cheese in the sauce. Now it’s his turn to find a tuna recipe, good luck with that. I hate tuna, there said it. Rules are: I can’t see it, smell it or taste the damn tuna

Less than 12 hours my fiance is moving in with me, packing up and praying to god that he gets his damage deposit from the broad

HURRAH THE STICKERS ARE OFF OF ME!!!!! I forgot to inform you my fellow followers that yesterday I had a hear monitor on me for 24 hours. Due to dizzy spells to the point of lossing my senses. Keep you updated on what’s going on. Love you my friends
P.s My fiancee is moving in on Sunday…. Damn bed hog

Busy day ever, siblings demanding my attention to be dropped off at work or school


Self-tie Shoelace Rivets Embellished High Heels

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